Aragami 2: the list of trophies

News tip Aragami 2: the list of trophies

It is today that Aragami 2 arrives on consoles and PC. On the occasion of the release of the new production of Lince Works, we unveil the complete list of trophies for the game of infiltration.

Find below the list of 45 trophies (including 18 hidden) from Aragami 2, available since September 17 on PlayStation 4 (26 bronze, 16 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum).

Bronze trophies (26)

  • Awakening

    Complete the prologue

  • Coming back

    Complete Chapter 1

  • Dame

    Complete Chapter 2

  • Embers

    Complete Chapter 3

  • Combustion

    Complete Chapter 4

  • Family

    Complete Chapter 5

  • Russian

    Complete Chapter 6

  • Outbreak

    Complete Chapter 7

  • First steps

    Complete your first mission

  • Hot potato

    Counter a fireball thrown by an Incendiary

  • At the foot

    Perform Shadow Attraction on a Guardian

  • Anger management

    Charm a Rabid Fanatic

  • Surprise !

    Perform a Stealth Assassination on a Nensho Aragami

  • Bird of prey

    Kill 25 enemies from the air

  • Hangman game

    Eliminate 25 enemies while hanging from a ledge

  • Mural escapade

    Eliminate 10 enemies while leaning against a wall

  • Ultimate Predator

    Eliminate 10 enemies while hiding in the tall grass

  • Assassin’s Forge

    Craft your first piece of equipment

  • Power embodied

    Apply your first essence runes

  • Toolbox

    Buying a utility item for the first time

  • Killer elegance

    Applying a stain for the first time

  • Apprentice

    Unlock a technique

  • Master of Shadows

    Unlock a Shadow Power.

  • Technique signature

    Perform a Shadow Murder

  • Cinemastop

    Skip a cutscene

  • Secret finder

    Find a hidden object

Silver trophies (16)

  • Liens

    Complete Chapter 8

  • Master ninja

    Achieve S rank in 10 missions

  • Soul Ravager

    Kill 300 enemies

  • Nap at work

    Knock out 100 enemies

  • Heritage

    Equip the armor of a legendary hero

  • The hidden village

    Find all the items in Kakurega Village

  • Pilgrimage

    Find all items in Lonely Mountain

  • Vacationing

    Find all items in the Distant Campaign

  • Carcass

    Find all the items in the Remote Village

  • Forest spirits

    Find all the items in Remembrance Wood

  • Machines of war

    Find all the items in the Great Akatsuchi Mine

  • Abandonned

    Find all the items in the Devastated Village

  • Secrets of the Earth

    Find all items in Daikizo Mine

  • The watch

    Find all the objects in Haut-Château

  • The lion’s den

    Find all the items in Akatsuchi Palace

  • Ember heart

    Find all items in Akatsuchi Capital

Gold trophies (2)

  • Outcome

    Complete Chapter 9.

  • Spirit of revenge

    Reach level 30

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Legend

    Unlock all achievements

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