Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi… what are the most reliable smartphones?

News hardware Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi… what are the most reliable smartphones?

For the 4th consecutive year, Fnac Darty is releasing its after-sales service barometer. The latter measures the overall reliability of products, and in particular major brands of smartphones. Thus, between Apple, Galaxy, Xiaomi and other Huawei, we will be able to know the most durable and reliable smartphones.

This barometer is the result of an in-depth study by the Fnac Darty After-Sales Service. They compile all the data from Darty’s after-sales service in order to find out more about the products and, above all, their reliability.


  • Apple, Samsung, and others: the most reliable smartphones
  • iPhone: at the top of smartphone reliability
  • Samsung: neck and neck with Apple thanks to its repairability

Thus, this 2021 edition of the sees its figures appear after a study on more than 41,000 Darty customers having made a purchase between July 5 and August 27, 2021. In addition, this study also takes into account more than 721,000 interventions carried out by Darty after-sales service from August 2020 to July 2021 within the framework of the first two years of warranty .

And no less than 76 different types of devices were analyzed and integrated into this barometer to learn more about many criteria that define reliability. Thus, Fnac Darty first of all integrates three factual criteria:

  • The average age during an intervention
  • The availability of spare parts
  • The duration of use before repair or replacement

And in addition, Fnac Darty has also developed three additional assessment methods in order to better understand the concept of reliability in relation to the product. We thus find:

  • Reliability: this score is indicated as a base index 100 (100 being the standard value establishing a base: a score less than 100 indicates an insufficiency compared to the expected basic level and greater than 100 indicates a quality higher than the expected basic level). This score is obtained by dividing the number of devices repaired / exchanged by the after-sales service between 2020 and 2021 and the number of devices present in the 1st and 2nd year of warranty.
  • The repair rate: the latter expresses in% the propensity of devices repaired from spare parts. This rate is obtained by dividing the number of repairs made with spare parts over all the repairs made, including by exchanging a product. Thus, the higher this rate, the greater the chance that your product will be repaired with spare parts. Conversely, the lower this rate, the more likely it is that your device will be exchanged in the event of breakage.
  • Repairability: base index 100 indicates the ability of a device to be repaired. It is obtained by starting from the repair rate (mentioned above) and adding the period of availability of the parts. Thus, the higher this index, the more chances your product has of being repaired without having to be replaced.
  • Durability : this score is obtained by adding all the other criteria. The higher it is, and the more durable the product concerned will be, it will be less victim of breakdowns, and, if necessary, always has a better chance of being repaired thanks to spare parts.

Apple, Samsung, and others: the most reliable smartphones

Among Smartphones, we find in the top of the barometer Apple and Samsung who are each doing with high scores.

  • 1. Apple – 137
  • 2. Samsung – 136
  • 3. Huawei – 121
  • 4. Honor – 120
  • 5. OPPO – 116
  • 6. Xiaomi – 107
  • 7. WIKO – 105
  • 8. NOKIA – 86
  • 9. LOGICOM – 68

iPhone: at the top of smartphone reliability

  • Durability Score: 137
  • Reliability: 126
  • Repairability: 147
  • Parts availability: 5 years

With scores well above the norm, Apple’s iPhones hold their own against direct competition. This results in a durability which indicates that Apple products have a potential for durability above the standard, and the same is true for reliability and repairability.

Samsung: neck and neck with Apple thanks to its repairability

  • Durability Score: 136
  • Reliability: 100
  • Repairability: 172
  • Parts availability: 7 years

In second position, but just by a point, Samsung is making up for it in particular with the repairability of its smartphones as well as the duration of the availability of spare parts which is 7 years. It should be noted, however, that reliability is right in the standard.

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