49 € for one of the best PC, PS5, PS4, Switch and Xbox gaming headsets

Good plan news 49 € for one of the best PC, PS5, PS4, Switch and Xbox gaming headsets

At Amazon, we find the Steelseries Arctis 1 headset, one of the best entry-level wired gaming headsets currently. Both by its sound quality and by the quality of its architecture which is intended to be sustainable. Available for less than 50 €, it’s a great deal!

We no longer present the Steelseries brand, which has carved out a place of choice in the field of gaming accessories. The Arctis 1 thus benefited from all of the brand’s know-how. Offered at less than 50 €, we are clearly in front of what is done best at the entry level.

In gaming, having a good headset can make all the difference. Indeed, the latter can help you immerse yourself in your game and help you live a unique experience, as well as support you and your team in competitive events.

And for that, you have to put the odds in your favor. And with this Steelseries Arctis 1 helmet, you are making a wise investment.

Indeed, the latter is recognized as being one of the best gaming headsets of the moment. Whether from an audio point of view, with a sound that rings true, and which is particularly balanced. Thus, it will be suitable for intense group gaming sessions, as well as times when you just want to dive into a movie or series.

And on the other hand, the quality of its microphone has been more than proven. Indeed, the voice is transmitted in an authentic, clear and above all intelligible way. And you have additional passive sound insulation that helps you avoid unwanted noise.

From a structure point of view, we will find a lot of plastic. However, this is not really a fault, as it is well made. And at this price point, it is better to have good plastic, rather than a bad imitation of a noble material.

The Steelseries Arctis 1 helmet

This wired headset from the Steelseries brand is a headset designed for gaming. Thanks to its wired connection, it can also go on your PC, your PS4, PS5, your Xbox or even your Nintendo Switch.

Its headband is made of reinforced steel and the padding means that it can be worn for long periods. With the live controls on the headset, you can easily adjust the various settings.

Regarding the microphone, it is removable, and it has passive isolation that eliminates parasitic noise. Its accuracy and balance mean that it accurately retransmits sounds.

49 € for one of the best PC, PS5, PS4, Switch and Xbox gaming headsets

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