Xbox Series X back in stock

Good plan news Xbox Series X back in stock

E.Leclerc has just released a stock of Xbox Series X! It’s up to you to succeed in obtaining yours!

In a few months, the situation has improved somewhat even if stocks unfortunately remain just in flow! With speed, good information and luck, it becomes possible to be able to acquire an Xbox Series X at a normal price. As a reminder, the Microsoft console is today the most powerful on the market.

Update 09/16 at 2:27 PM: Out of stock at Leclerc

09/16 at 2:08 p.m .: Stock at Leclerc:

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Microsoft’s Next Gen console has been released for almost 8 months. The Xbox Series X got off to a great start and then ended up constantly out of stock, just like its rival. A situation which has evolved only marginally. In fact, finding a machine available for purchase is still a matter of luck and responsiveness. Fortunately, that luck may be on your side today. We have indeed found stock at normal price. A stock that should not last very long, but which should allow many of you to finally move to the next gen.

If you want to give your Xbox Series X more storage, you can turn to this official 1TB SSD expansion:


12 teraflops on the clock, an 8-core processor clocked at 3.8 GHz, 16 GB of GDDR6, Microsoft’s latest console is a monster of power and computing capacity. A custom SSD is integrated into this swift configuration for 1TB internal storage which not only allows you to store many games, but also drastically reduces loading times. You can expand this memory with an official homemade SSD specifically designed for the Microsoft machine. Velocity architecture connects RAM, SSD, and processor for computing speed unheard of in the Xbox lineup.

The result was not long in coming, the console displays games in 4K without any problem and can even go up to 8K for compatible movies and games. The console can also climb up to 120 FPS at this type of resolution for players looking for performance. Obviously, this Xbox Series X is forward looking and delivers with cutting edge technology.

The Gamepass: An essential service

In addition to its own internal resources, Xbox is in a strategy of external growth which consists in taking over numerous studios in order to integrate them into the Gamepass service. The American company thus signs very large partnerships to enrich its catalog and thus strengthen its game. The Xbox Series X is a powerful machine, of course, but also concluded to accommodate the Gamepass. Its interface is specifically designed to integrate this service at the heart of the user experience. As you will have understood, to enjoy a complete Xbox experience, it is essential to register for Gamepass, an essential service.

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