This time Mazepin apologized …

Tensions have intensified in recent weeks between the two young Haas drivers, who clash again, during the Italian Grand Prix last Sunday. But this time around Nikita Mazepin, at fault, admitted his mistake and apologized to his teammate Mick Schumacher.

Mazepin’s apologies. While all eyes were on the accident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton last Sunday at the Monza Grand Prix, two other drivers also clashed, but this time at the back of the pack. Indeed, the Haas team, in great difficulty this season, very regularly trustees the last places and it is not its duo of young inexperienced drivers who seem to be able to help them make progress this year. A lack of results which caused a certain frustration for the two pilots and in particular for Nikita Mazepin, often singled out by the other pilots for rather dangerous maneuvers. Latest example: Sunday during the Italian Grand Prix which saw the Russian collide with his teammate Mick Schumacher on the 32nd lap of the race when he wanted to overtake the German in the Variante della Roggia. Mazepin, a little too optimistic, miscalculated his stroke and spun Schumacher after having struck him lightly at his front wing and left rear wheel.

Mazepin :  » I’m not ashamed to apologize ”

Afterwards, at a press conference, the Russian admitted that he was completely wrong. A rare occurrence for the native of Moscow, who has the reputation of having the opposite attitude. “I had a very good balance, I was faster than my teammate and I tried to pass, but it was not really doable,” detailed the Haas driver. ” I therefore apologize. It was a racing incident, but I couldn’t deviate once I got there. The GP3 runner-up has also admitted that it was normal for him to apologize when he is wrong. ” I’m not ashamed to apologize, I’m sure (Schumacher) will make a lot of mistakes in the future. Myself, I will make a lot of mistakes in the future. I think the most important thing is to stay human. It was I who messed up (sic), there is no debate about it. A good attitude on the part of the driver which should calm the tensions a little on the side of Haas, where Gunter Steiner, the team manager, has other problems to resolve.

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