The Witcher: What if Geralt was the hero of a Japanese anime?

News culture The Witcher: What if Geralt was the hero of a Japanese anime?

What if Geralt wasn’t spending his time slaying vile monsters and fighting the wild hunt, but instead was the hero of a world like Pokémon’s? This is what the artist Malec imagines, who offers us the opening of a fictional anime The Witcher in a rather … kawaii world.

The Witcher is known for portraying a cruel, savage and bloodthirsty world where humans are often barbaric, and rarely exchange sweet words and bouquets of flowers. Now is the time to forget all this violence and move on to rainbows, unicorns and other cute creatures with this video of Malec, a French artist, who set out to offer us an unexpected crossover between The Witcher and Pokémon. Here we find Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer and Triss in a colorful adventure dotted with references to Japanese anime and the universe of Sacha and Pikachu. This video is also timely, since a The Witcher-stamped animated film featuring the adventures of a young Vesemir was released on August 23 on Netflix.

Malec is not at his first attempt: A big fan of pop-culture, the artist had already imagined mixtures between the world of anime and other universes, such as The Mandalorian / Cowboy Bebop, Fortnite / JoJo’s bizarre Adventure or even The Simpsons / my Hero Academia …

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