The new iPad 9 and iPad Mini 6 of 2021: features and pre-orders

Good plan news The new iPad 9 and iPad Mini 6 of 2021: features and pre-orders

Apple’s Keynote has lifted the veil on many new features, including two new iPad models, an iPad Air Mini 6 and an iPad 9. These bring a number of new features and are already on pre-order!

The iPad 9: the new version of the Apple tablet

The new iPad 9 and iPad Mini 6 of 2021: features and pre-orders

This 2021 version is intended to be both more accessible and more powerful. Indeed, we find in the latter the curves and lines that made the fame of the iPad, but, when we look more closely, there are significant differences.

The iPad 9 is presented as the entry level at Apple in terms of tablets. In the latter, we thus find the A13 Bionic chip, replacing the A11 chip. This new processor is already known since it equips the iPhone 11 and later.

The A13 Bionic chip contains 6 cores and is able to deploy a frequency of 2.65 GHz. The latter allows you to run iOS 15, the operating system supplied with it optimally.

Thanks to this OS, you will be able to take advantage of all the applications available on the Apple Store and which will allow you to make the best use of the various functions of the tablet. The quality of the touchscreen tablet, which benefits from a resolution of 2160×1620 with a True Tone display, up to the front camera with its 12 million pixels, this tablet is clearly above the previous version.

Available from September 24, the tablet is already for pre-order at some merchants in its 64 GB version.

  • Pre-order the iPad 9 at 389 € at Cdiscount
  • Pre-order the iPad 9 at 389 € at Fnac
  • Pre-order the iPad 9 at 389 € at Darty
  • Pre-order the iPad 9 for € 389 at Boulanger

The iPad Mini 6: new features at the top of the range

As surprising as it may seem, it is in the Mini version of the iPad that we find the most new features, and above all, premium quality innovations!

So, at first glance, we have a complete redesign of the product. The tablet differs from its previous version by displaying a screen without edges (borderless). So, keeping the same size, the iPad Mini 6 still displays a larger screen.

With this, you can also count on the A15 Bionic chip which comes to equip this tablet. We already found this processor in the iPhone 13 and its variations. According to the brand, this change would allow a 40% increase in power on the processor side and 80% on the graphics side.

Small novelty from a connection point of view: now, the iPad has a USB-C socket, and this is a first for a tablet from Apple. A major asset that will allow you to streamline your charging cables.

Like its sister, this tablet from Apple will be available on September 24. Currently in pre-order, you can find it for a little less than 560 € at some merchants.

  • Pre-order the iPad Mini 6 at 559 € at Cdiscount
  • Pre-order the iPad Mini 6 at € 559 ​​at Fnac
  • Pre-order the iPad Mini 6 at € 559 ​​at Darty
  • Pre-order the iPad Mini 6 for € 559 ​​at Boulanger

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