The Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio, a scam?

PSG’s poor performance on Wednesday against Bruges did not go unnoticed. So much so that some are already questioning the status of the capital club and its MNM …

It was clearly not the most prestigious poster of the evening. The shocks between Liverpool and AC Milan or between Inter Milan and Real Madrid had more character. However, all eyes were on Bruges where the MNM was to deliver its first recital. Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé were present at the start of the meeting but the trio got through and PSG had to be content with a poor draw (1-1).

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“Ghostly” one poster The team the day after this baptism missed in large widths, The Parisian settling for one “PSG missed its entry”. This quack also appears prominently in the columns of the foreign press. “It was not enough to win”, retains in particular Sports world about Lionel Messi while Sport title “The PSG trident does not start off on the right foot”. AS shows himself to be more critical, emphasizing “The shortcomings of a team which did not defend with the trio formed by Messi, Neymar and Mbappé”.

This lack of defensive involvement of the three men was also underlined by Michel Owen, much more virulent on the set of BT Sport. “Even if we drool over them, on this PSG team with these strikers, they are each on their side phenomenal players. But the three together make the team weaker for me and I don’t really understand why Paris is cited as one of the favorites to win the Champions League, he said. I think the English teams are far, far superior. “

At his side, Rio Ferdinand wanted to be more measured, believing in an awareness of the three accomplices of the MNM. “If you put support right behind them, if you get the right mix with Verratti, Gueye, Wijnaldum, they are players who run and who can pass the ball to the big players in front who can cause damage, he said. Explain. Yes, sometimes you expect a little work from them, coming back, but I saw Neymar do it. Mbappé is young enough to be able to do it, he has to. I think it’s in Pochettino’s mandate to demand it from these players. This distinguishes good managers from great ones. Can you get these guys that people think they don’t want to work to work? “ Mauricio Pochettino has a big challenge ahead of him.

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