Streaming: the ultra-compact Razer microphone at only 39 €

Good plan news Streaming: the ultra-compact Razer microphone at only 39 €

Amazon is currently offering a discount on the Razer Seiren Mini Ultra-Compact. The latter is presented as a special particularly compact streaming microphone that will fit into all setups, but without compromising on performance. With the reduction of -33%, it is available for less than 40 €!

Being able to broadcast clearly and precisely what you say is essential, especially in streaming. And the Razer Seiren Mini manages to combine both compactness and performance. Indeed, the latter takes with it a whole range of features which find all their usefulness in streaming.

The democratization of live let’s play, lives and streaming in general means that a whole part of gamers are looking for material that meets their expectations.

And this Razer microphone is part of this fringe of equipment intended for these new streamers. Small, efficient, he will know how to respond. Indeed, with its supercardioid capture, it is able to attenuate unwanted noise.

With a small footprint, it is only 16 cm high and 9 cm wide, it can fit on all desks and all configurations. Easy to use, it works with plug-and-play, so just plug it in and it can work.

Usually offered around € 60, it is currently available for less than € 40!

The characteristics of the Razer Seiren Mini Ultra-compact microphone

CThe microphone bases its capture system on a supercardioid. Thanks to this, it is able to reduce parasitic background noise and thus isolates your voice.

In addition, thanks to its 14 mm consensus capsule, and its flat frequency response, you will be able to record a wide range of sounds that will consequently enrich your lives.

The Razer Seiren Mini Ultra-Compact microphone is also designed to resist shocks and vibrations to avoid any interruption in your recording. In addition, with its tilting support, you can orient it as you see fit.

Streaming: the ultra-compact Razer microphone at only 39 €

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