Samsung The Frame QLED TV down 20%

Good plan news Samsung The Frame QLED TV down 20%

The Samsung The Frame series TVs are designed to deliver convincing performance while offering an elegant design. The 50 “model is now available on sale.

Samsung The Frame: A TV combining high technology and elegance

If you are looking for a classy TV that dresses your room like no other, Samsung’s The Frame model stands out with its stunning white color. Launched at a price of almost € 1,400, the 50 ”model tumbles to € 1,099, an immediate reduction of 20%.

The Frame TV range has a specific line that aims to offer a refined aesthetic calibrated to decorate a room. Like a painting, your interior is dressed in a superb screen which, when it is not displaying your favorite programs, displays landscapes and artworks with an advanced level of detail.

The characteristics of the Samsung The Frame TV

Thanks to the finesse of its definition and its Quantum Processor 4K video processor, the Samsung TV 50LS03T faithfully reproduces the depth of the images and the intensity of the colors on its 139cm diagonal, ie 50 ”.

Samsung The Frame QLED TV down 20%

This Smart TV broadcasts high quality image quality thanks to its Quantum Processor 4K. This allows it to display true-to-life images, all with convincing fluidity without competing with Oled competitors. It can be easily integrated into your interior while offering multiple possibilities thanks to its applications. The Samsung QLED 4K TV has 4x HDMI ports, 2x USB ports and has built-in WiFi.

QLED televisions have a backlit panel which gives them a much higher brightness than LCDs and OLEDs. A brightness management system displays an image that is as faithful as possible in terms of colorimetry and details, for dynamic and responsive LED lighting.

Unlike a conventional LCD screen which groups together all of its LEDs on its entire panel, the QLED screen divides its panel into several LED subdivisions which react intelligently. To display deep black, the backlighting goes off in the affected area. This makes it possible to achieve darker blacks while maintaining optimum brightness. Combined with HDR, color rendering is vivid and blacks are deep.

Samsung The Frame QLED TV down 20%

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