PS5: the Pulse 3D Midnight Black helmet for pre-order

Good plan news PS5: the Pulse 3D Midnight Black helmet for pre-order

Barely announced, already available for pre-order! The new version of the official PlayStation 5 headset is currently on pre-order at Cdiscount! Offered for less than 100 €, it will be available from the end of October.

The PS5 3D Pulse headset: the Midnight Black version for pre-order at Cdiscount

With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, Sony also offers a new headset specially designed for use with the PS5. Available first in white, Sony has announced a brand new color, Midnight Black. This new version will be available from the end of October. In the meantime, it is already available for pre-order at Cdiscount!

The Pulse 3D is a wireless headset designed for use with the PlayStation 5. However, its configuration allows it to be used with many platforms. Thus, it is possible to connect the Pulse 3D to your PC, your PS4 (of course, your PS5).

It is also possible to connect it with a wired cable. This makes it completely possible to use it on a smartphone or even on Nintendo Switch!

Equipped with controls on the left ear cup, it will be possible to manage the sound balance between the chat and the volume of the game, the sound in general and of course, the switching on of the headset.

The PS5 Pulse 3D headset also has sound quality with good definition. Indeed, the highs are correct, the midrange well placed and the bass still present.

It is all of this configuration that makes this helmet a must-have. With it, you are sure to have an immersive experience with PS5 games. And in addition to that, you can use it on other platforms and thus enjoy the sound quality of Pulse 3D.

The new colourway, Midnight Black, will be available by the end of October. In the meantime, you can already pre-order the helmet at Cdiscount!

The Pulse 3D helmet: its evaluation

The opinion of


Like its predecessors, the Pulse 3D is a headphone that sounds great in stereo, with very pleasant balance and definition of frequencies over time. Usable both wired and wireless, it should be a great companion for games, music and movies. Be careful all the same to unfulfilled promises in terms of 3D, the quality of the microphone which remains below standards, and a less comfortable headgear for the youngest players. Still, for less than 100 euros, this helmet is placed in the multiplatform model of choice.

To learn more about the Pulse 3D PS5 headset, you can check out the full review about it.

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