No Man’s Sky: Thanks to the Frontiers update, a player brings a monument of Antiquity back to life

Game news No Man’s Sky: Thanks to the Frontiers update, a player brings a monument of Antiquity back to life

The project that Jesse Raynor has embarked on is, in a way, a beautiful illustration and metaphor of what the Hello Games studio has just accomplished by launching, Frontiers, the seventeenth update of No Man’s Sky: do rise from the ruins a vast monument. Thanks to the new features of the game, the player tried a crazy bet: to rebuild the Colosseum in Rome.

After many updates, Hello Games wanted to mark the future of No Man’s Sky with a milestone: this is why the teams have worked on new features that will take their space exploration game to a whole new dimension.. And the least we can say, when we see what players are able to do with the new tools available to them, is that it is indeed the case.

As a reminder, the recently released Frontiers update introduces a living settlement system and allows players to create a variety of structures using new building pieces and a host of other tools. While some embark on small projects, others see it big.

This is the case of Jesse Raynor who recently shared the progress of his creation on social networks and the result, although unfinished, is already extremely convincing.. The reproduction of the Colosseum by the player did not go unnoticed, since Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, notably reacted to the creation, impressed by the work accomplished.

Without revealing all the secrets of this construction, Jesse Raynor quickly had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreproducing the building when he saw the new elements available. Meticulous work which also forced the player to dig a huge pit in the center of his arena in order to extract all the silicate.

Like the creativity that Jesse Raynor has shown, many players risk following in his footsteps and embarking on totally crazy architectural projects which, although we are in space, will bring us back to earth.

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