Nintendo: towards the release of a new retro console? A model number casts doubt on

News hardware Nintendo: towards the release of a new retro console? A model number casts doubt on

For a few years now, Nintendo has been engulfed in the nostalgia market by launching a range of retrogaming products. In 2016 and 2017, two “Classic Mini” consoles were launched: the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And since then, nothing. Except that today, an intriguing model number has found its way onto the Internet.

This model number emerged following Nintendo’s submission to the United States Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, of ​​a brand new case. If the practice is not surprising, in itself, since it is relatively common, but it is precisely the model number that is intriguing: as they say, the devil is in the details.

Thus, this model number, the famous HAC-043 which now maintains the craziest theories, refers to a controller: all Switch models and accessories bear the mention HAC. However, number 043 follows directly on from the previous controller model marketed by Nintendo, namely the SNES wireless controllers which carry the number HAC-042.

For now, everything suggests that Nintendo is moving towards the release of a new retro controller. Especially since recent rumors report the arrival of Game Boy games, Game Boy Color and another console within Nintendo Switch Online. Nevertheless, in view of the comments under the tweet above, the track of a new retro console is scrupulously studied, without however being fully confirmed.

Unfortunately, no concrete clues are to be deplored, but Nintendo is still planning something: it remains to be seen what exactly. The answer could come in the coming months because, to believe some, the indications related to the FCC filing of the external and internal photos, of the test configuration or of the manual are likely to be displayed on the list. after 180 days, the equivalent of six months.

Whether it’s a new wireless controller or some sort of link to a potential new retro console, we should be fixed on Nintendo’s plans around March 2022.

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