Mediapro, Roures finally explains himself

Jaume Roures, the first person in charge of Mediapro, returned at length to the failure of his group for the dissemination of French football.

After retiring from Ligue 1, the sino-spanish group left the french clubs in agony. This Thursday morning, Jaume Roures was in the National Assembly to answer questions from the parliamentary information mission concerning TV rights for sporting events. The boss of Mediapro tried to justify the withdrawal of his group and did not hesitate to criticize the attitude of Canal + and the Professional Football League.

Having requested a rebate of 200 million euros from the LFP, refused by the authority, the group subsequently ” asked for a delay in mid-November to discuss and we proposed 64 million, which in our opinion was the value of the matches already broadcast, said Jaume Roures. The offer was turned down, and that’s when the trial began »

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« We did not throw in the towel. We couldn’t negotiate. (…) We wanted to negotiate because of the Covid, he continued. The Premier League, La Liga, UEFA… We had agreements with everyone. Except in France. (…) 200 million euros in rebates is seven million per club in Ligue 1, three million in Ligue 2. No one can tell me that it was impossible for clubs to cut their budget in this small dimension. »

Roures compares Canal + to “a child who is not very well educated”

After having deplored the firm attitude of the League in this matter, Jaume Roures mentioned the role of Canal +: ” What was the attitude of Canal + with the LFP after our departure? I’m not going to say blackmail, but unbearable pressure with phantom offers. It is like a child who is not very well educated. Yet we are talking about an empire, not a small business. (…) If you have spent billions on football for 30 years and your product has not improved, then you have a problem. »

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