Leonardo is already worried about Messi

The sports director of Paris Saint-Germain does not hide his apprehension about Lionel Messi, for whom he fears special treatment from opponents, but also from referees.

On the sidelines of the entry into the running of the Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League, Leonardo gave an interview to Canal + to discuss the start of the season of the capital club. After making some updates on Kylian Mbappé’s situation, which poses a problem, the sporting director of PSG mentioned the very big blow achieved by his club this summer: the signing of Lionel Messi.

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“It was done in a perfect way, Leonardo says. Messi is a very serious and correct person. His idea was to stay in Barcelona. We had contact after January 2021, 6 months before the end of his contract. But it was clear that his desire was to stay and finish his career in Barcelona. After the situation in Barcelona, ​​his story ended there, and we arrived. He showed a desire to come, which greatly encouraged us to do so. Messi at the Parc des Princes with the PSG jersey is something huge and very beautiful. “

“Messi? I’m even scared in Ligue 1 ”

The downside is that Messi is such a precious commodity for PSG that Leonardo is afraid he will break. So the Brazilian leader clearly trembled for his gem when he suffered a horrible tackle with Argentina. But this is not the only time. ” I’m even scared in Ligue 1. Honestly, I ask for special attention to this, Leonardo confided. Already his first match, when he entered 20 minutes from the end (in Reims)… I understand that it is difficult to manage, everyone is human, the referees also. From time to time, they will say to themselves’ I’m not going to whistle because it’s Messi, it’s Neymar, it’s Mbappé. Or I’ll whistle to show it’s them. ‘ I’m not asking for this to happen. The only thing I’m saying is that we don’t want to be given anything, special treatment, we’re just asking for a specific regulation to be enforced. It’s important because we have to “protect”, finally we have to protect all the players, but also the beautiful game. “

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