League of Legends: A skin that weakens its champion?

Game news League of Legends: A skin that weakens its champion?

League of Legends players are worried about a new skin for Champion Tryndamere. The Nightbringer skin is even referred to as “pay-to-loose”.

During the event Dawnbringer & Nightbringer offers a lot of content like skins for champions Morgana, Yone, Lillia, Tryndamere, Vex and Kayn. Gold, the Tryndamere skin called Nightbringer seduced by its appearance, but it is accompanied by a visual effect that facilitates the work of his opponents ! Indeed, Tryndamere has an ultimate attack making him invulnerable for a while, a period normally indicated with a shiny red visual effect. But with this skin, the duration of this invulnerability is very easily spotted by the adversary.

Many players who have mastered Tryndamere have already announced that they will avoid this skin during the event. As a reminder, League of Legends has been available on PC and Mac since 2009.

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