Hello Neighbor 2: The Manhunt resumes in new gameplay preview

Game news Hello Neighbor 2: The Manhunt resumes in new gameplay preview

After a nice first episode, Hello Neighbor does it again with a new opus presented last night at tinyBuild Connect: the opportunity to dive for a few minutes into his universe both dark … and watered down. An unusual association.

Yesterday evening took place the tinyBuild Connect, a small show centered on the productions of TinyBuild, a label created in 2011 and counting in its ranks some small interesting franchises. Among them, Hello Neighbor with Hello Neighbor 2, an infiltration game where the player will find himself trapped in the house of his neighbor. Only problem, the latter is not tender and sees himself ready to do anything to bury you six feet under the ground.

The opportunity was therefore given for a nice focus on this experience, both stressful and intelligent, coupled with an accessible artistic direction: this almost four-minute video should certainly give you a good taste of what to expect. We note in particular a much improved artificial intelligence compared to that of the first part: here, your hunter will be able to show cunning, lure in support, to get hold of you.

Hello Neighbor 2 will be released on PC (via Steam) and Xbox consoles in 2021, without further details for the moment.

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