Halo 5: a PC port, for real? The studio cuts short the rumors

Game news Halo 5: a PC port, for real? The studio cuts short the rumors

Players have been wisely awaiting the arrival of Halo 5 on PC for years now: alas, 343 Industries has never done anything like this… and shouldn’t be doing a port anytime soon.

If you follow the video game news a little, then you have probably seen the huge leak of GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-gaming platform : the name of dozens of undisclosed games are now in the wild and we still find some pearls there like Final Fantasy IX Remake, the redesign of Resident Evil 4, a new Kingdom Hearts and even Crysis 4. In the heap, we could also see a certain Halo 5 on PC, or a real complaint from players for … a long time now.

Halo Infinite above all

The rumor of a Windows port – which would not have shocked since the previous episodes have benefited from such treatment – has therefore swelled across the web since yesterday, even pushing 343 Industries to officially react. More precisely, it is the director of the community Brian Jarrard who spoke on Twitter :

Maybe it was for Halo 5 Forge but I can confirm that there are no plans to port Halo 5 to PC. We know there is some demand but as we have said before, it is not in our strings as the studio is fully focused on Infinite and the Master Chief Collection. Never say never, but nothing is going on right now.

Without closing the door for all that (and that’s what counts), Halo 5 will therefore not arrive on PC since priority is given to the next installment in the saga, eagerly awaited, which will land on December 8.

As for the Nvidia leak, it reminds us that we should not take at face value everything that came out of it, some projects having probably been canceled or paused since their listing in the database.

Halo 5: a PC port, for real?  The studio cuts short the rumors

Source : Brian Jarrard (via Twitter)

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