Gran Turismo 7: DualSense, PS4 | PS5 crossplay, dynamic weather,… Polyphony Digital is rolling out

Game news Gran Turismo 7: DualSense, PS4 | PS5 crossplay, dynamic weather,… Polyphony Digital is rolling out

Since its announcement last week within a few hours, Gran Turismo 7 has been launched at full speed on the communication highway. Sometimes by missing the curve as the developer’s decisions about connecting online have proven. But above all by keeping control of your vehicle when proving the ambitions behind this title.

It is therefore at the turn of a long interview with Eurogamer that the creator of the franchise Great tourism, Kazunori Yamauchi, spoke about the next part of the license, to be released in March 2022, which has been in development since the end of 2017.. To come back once and for all to the need to have an online connection for the GT Cafe, the game designer justified this feature by explaining that it ” would prevent cheaters from tampering with save data ».

According to him, this measure is taken to encourage the player to ” get involved in collecting some of the cars »Recoverable. Yamauchi sees a social aspect in this vehicle collection and Gran Turismo 7 will notably allow you to visit the collections of other players. However, Gran Turismo 7’s Arcade mode escapes this connection requirement because it has no effect on save data.

Gran Turismo 7 makes it rain and shine

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Gran Turismo 7 benefits from a different approach and operation of the weather system. Asked about it, Yamauchi explains that this is a “meteorological simulation” which varies, during the game, both the temporality and the climatic conditions. He also illustrated with the example of the rain. When it hits the tracks, a water level forms before being disseminated over the rest of the track when a vehicle passes. As a result, some parts dry faster and the simulation of this phenomenon has repercussions on the adhesion of the circuit. Beyond that, many variables are subject to fluctuations in the weather simulation of Gran Turismo 7: air temperature, humidity, road surface temperature, …

Gran Turismo is full of features on PlayStation

Whether it is the version PS4 Where PS5 of the title, Yamauchi ensures that the functionality will be the same. The only notable difference will be in the quality of the game. Otherwise, no distinction on the track, between the players, depending on the media: crossplay will be an integral part of the game and PS4 and PS5 players will be able to compete against each other on the asphalt. Regarding the PSVR, the creator of Gran Turismo is not yet authorized to reveal more.

However, the latter was more vocal about the possibilities offered by the DualSense controller.. Thanks to it, he noticed an improvement in handling, which helped to increase the pressure on the controls. So much so that the difference is felt very quickly when the player configures and adjusts the vehicles and, even more, when he finds himself behind the wheel. These improvements are of great importance to Yamauchi and contribute to the evolution of the license.

Finally, Kazunori Yamauchi reassured the players about the follow-up of the game. Thus, Gran Turismo 7 should benefit from new circuits and vehicles over the months.. For now, the creator does not want to reveal too much, but still unannounced features will be talked about in the future.

Gran Turismo 7: DualSense, PS4 | PS5 crossplay, dynamic weather,… Polyphony Digital is rolling out

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