Free weekend games on Xbox with Judgment and two more titles!

Game news Free weekend games on Xbox with Judgment and two more titles!

Sometimes the builders are in a generous mood… and we won’t be complaining about it. It is in this case of Microsoft which relaunched its Free Days Play, to our greatest happiness. Here is the batch of games concerned.

Microsoft is definitely determined to conquer the industry. While the Redmond firm is putting gargantuan means to extend its Xbox Game Pass, on which it is betting almost everything, it also allows itself a few well-felt promotional series like the Free Days Play (accessible here): more than just discounts, this is a given period to tackle several games completely free and in their entirety. Just that.

Thereby, until Sunday, September 19, if you have an Xbox Series X / S, you will be able to enjoy Judgment without spending a kopeck. If you have in your possession the same machine or just the Xbox One, you can get your hands on Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition and Hunt: Showdown. Note that if you want to acquire this last game in its final version, you can then benefit from a reduction of 22 €, increasing the price of the software to 17.99 € instead of 39.99 €.

Free Days Play Xbox games (September 16-19, 2021)

  • Judgment : narrative and action-packed adventure set in the world of the famous Yakuza saga, this title created by SEGA is a sure bet of the genre. In addition to being complete and as serious as crazy, the adventures of the former lawyer Tat, who became a private detective, lead to a second opus called Lost Judgment. It will be released on September 24.
  • Blood Bowl II Legendary Edition : It doesn’t sound like that, but American football and the fantasy world of Warhammer go hand in hand. Here, the mythical discipline is mixed with the famous game of figurines and society, and comes in the form of a strategic sports game tinged with hemoglobin. The Legendary Edition also adds new races, modes and tools to enhance the experience.
  • Hunt Shodown : Developed by Crytek, the dads of the Crysis series, this multiplayer game based on the battle royale offers frankly dark and violent Westen-style games that have been talked about more than once. Add a little morbid dose to it with the presence of rotten enemies, and you have a good idea of ​​what to expect.

Have a good game everyone and have a good weekend!

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