Fifa and the strange poll

The World Cup every two years would garner great approval from football fans. But the poll put forward by Fifa raises some doubt.

According to Fifa, β€œ The majority of supporters are in favor of a more frequent World Cup “. This is what can be read in the title of the press release released Thursday by the International Football Federation.

If the name of the institutes in charge of the study (IRIS and YouGov) is mentioned, no trace of the result of the survey among the 15,000 people questioned. Clearly, we do not know the percentage of the vote …

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We learn further that another survey is in progress, this one with a much larger population (100,000). It will therefore be necessary to wait a little before knowing the lessons.

For now, Fifa concludes that ” within this majority (to the unknown proportion, therefore), the preferred frequency is biennial. One way to promote the World Cup every two years. This idea triggered a wave of opposition, such as those expressed by associations of supporters of national teams.

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