FIFA 22: the list of PS4 trophies is available

News tip FIFA 22: the list of PS4 trophies is available

On October 1, FIFA 22 arrives on PlayStation 4. A few weeks before the release of the new edition of the football simulation, discover its list of trophies (different from the PS5 version).

Find below the list of 38 trophies of FIFA 22, available October 1 on PlayStation 4 (24 bronze, 9 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum).

Bronze trophies (24)

  • Volta’s cream

    Reach 90 OVR with your Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL

  • The collective pays

    Win a VOLTA TEAMS match with 3 friends

  • Behave

    Change an item in the “Outfits” tab

  • Window shopping

    Buy an item in the VOLTA store

  • Set-Kick Specialist

    Score a goal from a free kick

  • Intuition and execution

    Win a penalty shootout without missing

  • Addicted to training

    Complete all Skill Games from the main menu

  • Formidable finish

    Score a goal from a decisive cross while locked to a player

  • Let the party begin

    Play a single player match with the Competitive Mode option enabled

  • Mastery Team building

    Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Personal tactics

    Create Your Own Custom Tactics in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Here is my home

    Play a match using a Special Rule in FUT Friendlies

  • We park the bus

    Play 10 matches without conceding a goal in FUT Squad Battles

  • It’s me who invites

    Win an online Friendly Co-op match in public matchmaking in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Friends for life

    Win 10 Co-op matches with online friends in FUT Team Battles or FUT Division Rivals

  • To have guts

    Reach Tier 1 in a FUT Division Rivals season

  • Dream beginnings

    Finish and win your first league match in Pro Clubs Seasons

  • Our club, our rules

    Play and win a cup match with Special Rules in Clubs Pro

  • Idol

    Achieve the best Manager Ratings with your current player

  • Goals in mind

    Complete a total of 30 objectives in all matches

  • Newcomers

    Play a season with a newly created club

  • Real challenge

    Complete 10 advanced objectives in all matches

  • You win, you stay

    Play 5 F-F matches with a friend in Kick-off

  • Passion

    Play an international women’s football match

Silver trophies (9)

  • On the rise

    Reach level 7 in a VOLTA Season

  • Something to prove

    Earn enough FUT Champions Qualifier Points to participate in the FUT Champions Playoffs

  • Victorious mind

    Achieve a winning streak in FUT Division Rivals

  • In the front row

    Use one item in each Grandstands customization slot of a FUT Level 3 stadium

  • Tactical engineering

    Unlock all characteristics in a technical tree in Clubs Pro

  • Hats off to the artist!

    Unlock a specialty in Clubs Pro

  • In complete confidence

    Enter and win a mock career match.

  • Successfully convert a player to a new position in Career mode
  • To the max

    Reach level 25 in a playing career

Gold trophies (4)

  • Complete wardrobe

    Unlock 50 different accessories

  • Club icon

    Play 200 club matches with the same player in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • A well-designed victory

    Win 1 Division Rivals match with 4 different Field Trophies equipped in your FUT Stadium

  • European glory

    Win the UEFA Champions League final

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Trophy hunting

    Unlock all other trophies (not including additional content trophies)

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