Deltarune Chapter 2 available in less than three days

Game news Deltarune Chapter 2 available in less than three days

During a live broadcast celebrating six years of the Undertale cardboard, its creator Toby Fox returned to the sequel to the spin-off Deltarune. This second chapter is coming out in a few days.

Available Saturday at 2 a.m. (French time), Deltarune Chapter 2 was teased by Toby Fox during l’Undertale 6th Anniversary Stream broadcast live yesterday. The stream ended with a teaser of a little over thirty seconds showing Kris and Susie, the characters already protagonists of the first opus.

As a reminder, Toby Fox had already surprised everyone by announcing Deltarune in 2018, a Undertale derivative game, but quite different. This second chapter, already announced as being not the last since Deltarune will have (at least) three chapters, will be released first on PC and Mac (and could be released on consoles later, like its predecessor). Finally, note that it is not no need to have a backup of the first chapter to play to Deltarune Chapter 2, although it is strongly advised to have played and to have in mind the story of the first chapter. Finally, those who have finished the first chapter synchronize their saved files (provided they have seen the credits by going to bed at the end of Deltarune Chapter 1) with this new episode.

All information is available on the dedicated Deltarune website.

Deltarune Chapter 2 will be released on September 18 for PC and Mac. It has yet to be confirmed that it will be a free chapter, but we can expect it to be just like its predecessor.

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