Aston Martin takes the same

It’s official: Aston Martin’s next two drivers for the 2022 Formula 1 season will be Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel. As expected, the British team did not change seats and made the choice of continuity for this new pivotal year.

Vettel and Stroll confirmed. Aston Martin, for its second season in Formula 1, has decided to maintain its confidence in the same drivers as this season. As announced for some time, it is therefore Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll who will take their place at the wheel again in 2022. With the recent start of construction of a new Aston Martin site dedicated to Formula 1 very close to the Silverstone circuit, the British team wishes to continue its development and integrate itself in the many years to come in motorsport number. a. And if next year will be pivotal with the appearance of new regulations, team owner Lawrence Stroll has decided to renew his two drivers despite the team’s checkered results this season, with only 59 points. registered by the team which is in seventh place among constructors only, far behind Alpha Tauri and Pierre Gasly (84 points).

Take revenge on this season

Director Otmar Szafnauer does not hide his enthusiasm at the idea of ​​continuing the adventure with these two drivers. “Lance is one of the most gifted drivers in modern Formula 1, and to that raw talent he now adds serious racing gear. Sebastian is a huge asset to our team as well, and next year we expect them both to do well in what will be a very different formula from the current one. For the drivers, it is the relief to know their future and to discover this exciting new season that predominate. Stroll also admits that he has revenge to take on this season. ” We started this Aston Martin campaign together and I look forward to continuing the journey with them next year. We didn’t achieve what we had planned to do this year, but that only amplified our hunger and our will to succeed next season. «

Vettel: “More exciting races for drivers and fans”

Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, seems inhabited by the desire to discover all the novelties. It is precisely for this reason that he decided to continue in F1. “I’m really looking forward to driving the new generation of Formula 1 cars,” admits the German. Their look is very different and the new technical regulations should give us cars that can run much closer than recently. More exciting races will be great for the drivers as well as the fans. The quadruple world champion has not won a Grand Prix since Singapore in 2019. This does not prevent him from believing in the development as well as in the growth of his young team. ” The changes are so big that every team will have a fresh start, so this will be a great opportunity for us at Aston Martin. I believe in the strength of our new and growing team, so I’m already looking forward to 2022. All that remains is to know the second driver who will accompany Valterri Bottas to Alfa Romeo next season, and all the buckets will be awarded.

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