ASSE sale, the Saint-Etienne town hall is getting involved!

Gaël Perdriau, the mayor of Saint-Etienne, spoke at length about the scheduled sale of the Forez club at the microphone of France Bleu.

Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer announced, several months ago now, their desire to sell the Saint-Etienne group to a new buyer. A new decisive step in the life of the Saint-Etienne club. Asked about this, Gaël Perdriau announced that he was following this issue very closely and that he wanted serious buyers so as not to jeopardize the future of the AXIS.

« I have of course a close eye on this because ASSE is Saint-Etienne, there is obviously a story, it is very linked, confided the mayor of the city of Saint-Etienne in remarks reported by Square Potals. We also had a very strong moment last Monday by celebrating the stadium’s 90th anniversary together. I am attentive but as a spectator because the decision is up to the leaders and I do not know more than you. »

If no serious progress has been made in this case in recent months, it is in particular because the two bosses of AS Saint-Etienne have not yet found a new buyer. A slowness that does not displease Gaël Perdriau. ” Roland Romeyer takes care of it, he is very attentive, it is not a question of doing just anything because it is an extraordinary capital, a unique history., he continued. It is not about selling for the sake of selling. We need people who are serious, who have the announced financial capacity and above all a strategy and a real sports project. »

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