Apple Watch Series 7: all you need to know about the Apple smartwatch

News hardware Apple Watch Series 7: all you need to know about the Apple smartwatch

Among the new features presented at Apple’s back-to-school keynote, there is a brand new version of the Apple Watch. This “Series 7” changes slightly in terms of design, proves to be more resistant and is more than ever dedicated to sport and health. Let’s do a check in.

The 7th generation of Apple Watch is coming, albeit a little late. It will not come out indeed not in September, but “in the course of autumn”. In any case, this is what Apple announced during its keynote. A delay may be due to supply concerns for the display and spare parts. The Apple Watch Series 7 will be priced at $ 399. The prices in euros are not yet known.

A design that evolves slightly

The Apple Watch has always bet on a rounded design and this is more than ever the case with the Series 7. The screen is getting rounder, but also in size, since it turns out to be 20% larger than on the previous generation. The size of the watch remains the same, however, since it is the screen borders that have been optimized. The Apple Watch will also still be offered in two sizes: 41 and 45 mm.

Apple highlights the comfort of reading on this new connected watch, thanks to the larger screen of course, but also thanks to the screen brightness, which would have been increased by up to 70% in the “always-on” mode. So it will be much easier to tell the time without sticking your wrist in front of your eyes. It will even be possible to type text directly on the screen, thanks to an integrated virtual keyboard.

Apple Watch Series 7: all you need to know about the Apple smartwatch

In terms of finish and colors, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be offered in 5 new colors : green, blue, red, light gray and midnight blue. Note that Apple Watch Series 6 bracelets are compatible with this new model.

A more resistant watch made for sports

Apple also highlighted the strength of the Apple Watch Series 7. The glass used is 50% more resistant than that of the Apple Watch Series 6 and this new model gains an IP6X certification, which allows it to be resistant to dust. Of course, it is still splash and water resistant.

Apple Watch Series 7: all you need to know about the Apple smartwatch

There is also a very pronounced “sport and health” aspect, this time with the arrival of a “bike” mode, which will detect falls and will be able to send an automatic alert to one of your contacts. Convenient if you go on a hike with others. The watch is also able to calculate how many calories you burn while pedaling. On the health side, there is a cardiac sensor and a blood oxygen level sensor, already present on the Series 6.

Battery life unchanged, but charging faster

As for autonomy, no miracle: the Apple Watch Series 7 will last a full day, but not much more. It will therefore be necessary to think about placing it on its recharging base in the evening. But the good news is that the load has been improved : 33% faster than the Series 6, it recharges from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes. A 15-minute charge also allows it to be used for 8 hours in “sleep” mode.

Apple Watch Series 7: all you need to know about the Apple smartwatch

The same processor as on the Series 6

This is a point that was not mentioned by Apple during its keynote: What about the processor of the Apple Watch Series 7 ? It would seem, finally, that it is the same as on the Series 6, namely the Apple S6 inaugurated in September 2020. We should therefore not have a significant performance gain. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 6 will benefit from the release of WatchOS 8.

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