An argument at the origin of Leclerc’s nausea?

To believe an Italian media, the nausea of ​​Charles Leclerc, last Friday during the Italian Grand Prix, would be the consequence of an argument which arose a little earlier with Mattia Binotto. The Monegasque driver would indeed have learned that his team would listen more to Carlos Sainz’s comments than to him with regard to the development of the car.

Charles Leclerc’s health problems at Monza linked to an argument that arose earlier in the week with Mattia Binotto? According to the specialized Italian site, it is a lively conversation with his boss that would have caused the problems of the Monegasque driver, last weekend during the Italian Grand Prix. Friday evening after qualifying for the sprint race the next day (Saturday), Leclerc had indeed complained of nausea and headaches. “I have to stop at the emergency pits. I can’t explain it on the radio now, ”the pilot had explained on the radio before returning to the garage and hastily getting out of his car, without returning to the scene, to the point of raising the greatest questions in its subject and to leave a very strong question mark over the rest of the Monegasque weekend. Finally, not only Leclerc had participated in the sprint race on Saturday but also in the Grand Prix on Sunday, but he also managed to finish in a very good fourth place, just at the foot of the podium composed of the winner Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. and Valtteri Bottas.

Extension still in sight despite everything for Leclerc?

The person concerned did not return to his problems of the weekend afterwards. However, the media outlet understands that by discovering that his teammate Carlos Sainz’s comments on the development of the car had more value and weight with Binotto and the team’s engineers than his own, Leclerc would have seen red and would have explained it strongly to the boss of Ferrari. And that it is precisely this spat with the strongman of the stable with the stamped logo of the prancing horse that would have caused him his headaches and nausea on Friday. “It was the result of the tension and anger that had accumulated in him during the previous hours,” says our colleague, while there is still question that Leclerc, under contract until 2024, will soon extend until 2026. If so, it could ease any tensions with Binotto.

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