Alan Wake Remastered: the list of trophies is available

News tip Alan Wake Remastered: the list of trophies is available

Unveiled with great fanfare at PlayStation Showcase last week, Alan Wake Remastered is coming to consoles on October 5th. On this occasion, we unveil the list of trophies for the game of Remedy.

Find below, the list of 68 trophies d’Alan Wake Remastered, available on 5 October 2021 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (59 bronze, 5 silver, 3 gold and 2 platinum).

Bronze trophies (42)

  • Follow the light

    You had a revelation after a dream.

  • Nordic walk

    Compared to Stucky, you’re in good shape, which means you’re alive.

  • Best of Bright Falls

    You have finally succeeded in calling.

  • Small screen

    You have viewed important messages.

  • Under a thin layer of skin

    You disobeyed the ranger’s instructions.

  • Park ranger

    You survived Elderwood National Park.

  • Screaming metal

    You destroyed the bulldozer.

  • Mechanical thunder

    You have exhausted the steam engine.

  • It gets complicated

    You’ve found the kidnapper, but you’re not satisfied with what he told you.

  • Medical diagnosis

    You’ve listened to Hartman’s tapes.

  • Child of the Elder God

    You lit up this night populated by demons.

  • Dreams

    Oh … so, THIS IS what happened.

  • Music, maestro!

    You have listened to “Coconut” twice.

  • Guardian

    You are the master of the sluice gates.

  • The Lady in the Light

    Cynthia Weaver has guided you to the Illuminated Room.

  • Tornado Tamer

    You have calmed the fury of the storm.

  • Departure

    You have completed the game on Easy difficulty.

  • Badass Writer

    You completed the game on Normal difficulty.

  • Alan, wake up!

    Completed the game on Nightmare difficulty.

  • Fire birds

    You don’t like birds, do you?

  • Ghosts

    You destroyed 20 bewitched objects.

  • The language of arms

    You killed 100 Possessed with the revolver.

  • Season of the Possessed

    You have eliminated 50 Possessed with the rifle.

  • Deadly strike

    QWERTY? AZERTY? 50 Possessed no longer have to choose.

  • Blazing sun

    The temperature will rise: kill 50 Possessed with the rocket launcher.

  • Fireworks

    50 Possessed have suffered your wrath and tasted your stun grenades.

  • Collateral massacre

    20 Possessed were drowned, electrocuted or eliminated by other indirect means.

  • One stone, four blows

    You have eliminated four Possessed with a single Flare.

  • Noise and fury

    You reduced four Possessed to ashes with a single stun grenade.

  • Two for the price of one

    You killed two Possessed with a single bullet.

  • Come on, broom!

    You saved time with a hand fire.

  • Like a butterfly

    You managed to dodge the hits in style!

  • Of a hair

    You have successfully triggered 20 dodge cutscenes.

  • Full of energy

    You have changed batteries 100 times.

  • Let there be light

    You turned on the power.

  • Fun fair

    You have destroyed without hesitation 5 unfortunate pyramids of cans.

  • Right on time

    You managed to reach the Cauldron Lake Observation Post in less than 30 minutes.

  • A quiet little town

    You managed to walk the streets of Bright Falls without getting killed.

  • Peaceful

    You managed to get from the dam to Cauldron Lake without firing a single shot.

  • Priority

    You rolled over the body of 15 Possessed.

  • Treasure hunt

    You have discovered 5 hidden chests.

  • Skidder

    You have discovered all the hidden chests.

Silver trophies (5)

  • Roman-river

    You have discovered 25 manuscript pages.

  • Collector

    You have found all of the manuscript pages in Normal view.

  • Collector’s Edition

    You have found all of the manuscript pages in the game.

  • A little cream

    You have found 25 thermos of coffee.

  • Coffee addict

    You’ve discovered all the thermos of coffee.

  • A friend in need

    You’ve found Barry, or almost.

  • A real friend

    You’ve found the meeting point with Thomas Zane.

  • Fast and furious

    You got out of the sawmill hell in under 1 minute and 30 seconds.

  • Words won’t hurt you

    You managed to make all the blast furnaces spit flames.

  • Endless phrase

    You’ve successfully completed The Signal in one go.

  • License suspension

    You managed to finish The Signal without using any vehicle.

  • Tic tac

    You have found the 10 hidden alarm clocks.

  • Cardboard friends

    You have found all your cardboard friends.

  • Thing !

    You took a little elevator ride.

  • Kill the ones you love

    You put your imagination back in its place.

  • Soft with the lighthouse

    You reached the lighthouse without firing a single shot.

  • No punctuation

    You’ve managed to finish The Writer in one go.

  • Will of iron

    You have faced your demons without failing.

  • Gale

    The tornado posed no problem for you.

  • Licensed products

    You have obtained all 10 Zone X video games.

  • Creative space

    You’ve taken a strange detour in your imagination.

  • Heartbreaker

    You heard what “Alice” had to say.

Gold trophies (3)

  • KBF-FM

    You haven’t missed any radio show.

  • Telephage

    You’ve watched all of the TV shows on offer.

  • Fan de Bright Falls

    You’ve looked at all the signs and places of interest in Bright Falls.

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Platinum Trophy

    Unlocked after collecting all trophies.

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