Alan Wake Remastered: the in-game ad, still in the game? Remedy’s response

Game news Alan Wake Remastered: the in-game ad, still in the game? Remedy’s response

Alan Wake Remastered will be an opportunity for all those who could not touch the adventure of Remedy, in 2010, to tackle it in better conditions: before its release, the studio specifies that some small modifications were made in this overhaul.

With a tasty black atmosphere despite its flaws, Alan Wake is a game that marked its time when it arrived on Xbox 360, in 2010. And despite its porting to PC, the journey of our courageous writer will never be offered on PlayStation consoles, a solid exclusive contract having been signed between the development studio Remedy and Microsoft . Since then, water has flowed under the bridges and the Finnish firm is delighted to release a remaster soon for most current consoles.

Goodbye product placements

A real means of financing, product placements were indeed present in Alan Wake: It included Energizer batteries to recharge its flashlight, but also Ford cars, other Lincolns, and even the telephone operator Verizon, very popular in the United States.

Nevertheless, and as one of the game’s communications managers at Screenrant indicates, these product placements will be removed from Alan Wake Remastered altogether. The reason is simple: the various advertising contracts have expired and the developers will therefore replace these real life brands with fictitious ones, which can also be found in Control (which takes place in the same universe, we remind you). Nevertheless, Emphasize keeping the songs and TV shows from the original game in the remaster.

Alan Wake Remastered: the in-game ad, still in the game?  Remedy's response

This new edition of the interactive thriller from the creators of Max Payne will therefore be offered with a definition in 4K, 60FPS, enhanced textures and also features specific to the new generation. The release is therefore set for October 5 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Source : Screenrant

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