Violence against women: Three Blues concerned

While the journalist Romain Molina accused a French international of a violent assault on a young woman, several players of the France team have been involved in cases of violence against women in the past.

Despite the late hour, they were still 20,000, Monday evening, at 1:30 am, to listen to the totally edifying revelations of Romain Molina. The freelance journalist, who made a name for himself thanks to several major surveys published in the Guardian where the New York Times, was inexhaustible. So much so that the “space”, which was initially supposed to last 45 minutes, was finally extended for two hours. There was no shortage of subjects, but one drew particular attention.

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According to Romain Molina, an international tricolor, appreciated by the public, would indeed be guilty of a terrible assault on a young woman. ” We are talking about physical assault on a woman, on two women, he notably launched. But real aggression, with a kick in the head, when she is on the ground. And sexual exhibition. “Stoned”, the player, who has “huge problems with alcohol”, would have been covered by his club, before being transferred the following year.

These revelations come two weeks after the imprisonment of Benjamin Mendy, accused of rape by several women and who will be tried next January. But the world champion is not the only Blue to have been caught by justice for violence against women.

Lucas Hernandez

On February 3, 2017, a heated argument pitted Lucas Hernandez and his fiancée after a dinner party with teammates. An altercation which earned him to be sentenced to 31 days of community service and a distance of at least 500 meters from his companion. A measure that also applies to Madame. However, on June 13, the couple landed at Madrid airport, returning from two weeks of vacation spent in the Bahamas. An escapade which will be worth to the native of Marseilles to be stopped by the police force and to spend the night at the police station for not having to respect the measure of removal.

Kingsley Coman

Placed in police custody at the end of June 2017 for domestic violence, Kingsley Coman was sentenced, in September of the same year, to a fine of 5,000 euros. His ex-partner had lodged a complaint after two violent arguments at the home of the international tricolor. Against a background of rupture, the young woman would have stolen the codes of the player’s Instagram account, before using them for an advertisement from one of her sponsors. Without consequence. The tricolor striker, who immediately admitted the facts, would nevertheless have entered into a black anger and would have molested his former companion, the latter being prescribed a work interruption of less than 8 days.

Benjamin mendy

Benjamin Mendy is accused in England of four rapes and sexual assault by three women, including a minor over the age of sixteen between October 2020 and August 2021. Facts which earned him to have been placed in detention pending death. ” a pre-trial hearing scheduled for January 24, 2022.

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