The Suicide Squad: a series in preparation for Peacemaker

News culture The Suicide Squad: a series in preparation for Peacemaker

While The Suicide Squad is failing at the box office, especially because of the pandemic, HBO Max and the film’s director, James Gunn, do not intend to stop there. A spin-off is therefore in preparation …

If you liked the continuation of the adventures of the happy Suicide Squad, then you will be delighted. Peacemaker, played by John Cena and defender of peace at any cost, will have the right to his own spin-off. This one should not only give us more information on his past, his personality, but also on another element that we will not reveal here, for those who have not yet seen the film. James Gunn also spoke in a tweet to reveal us a first image.

We can see our famous sniper there as well as Amanda Waller and her team., the people in charge of ensuring that the death squad follows orders, at the risk of blowing their heads off. Although there is not much to be learned from this image, it has the merit of giving us a first idea of ​​the framework of the story and of situating it in relation to the film. It only remains to be seen if the series plans more than one season and, if so, will there indeed be a renewal despite the commercial failure of the footage? The answer will surely be given to us after the broadcast on HBO Max in the United States at the beginning of next year.

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