The current PS5 exclusive with -30% on the 12-month PS + subscription

Good plan news The current PS5 exclusive with -30% on the 12-month PS + subscription

Deathloop is available in a special pack allowing you to benefit from 12 months of PS Plus subscription with 30% off.

-30% on the PS + 12 month subscription for the purchase of Deathloop

Deathloop is the brand new achievement from the French studios Arkane Lyon! Creators of the Dishonored series, we find them on this new, particularly original project which is also a PS5 exclusive! It is available in a pack that allows you to benefit from a 30% discount on the 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription for the purchase of the title.

A smart fps and a refreshing concept

The concept of Deathloop is quite simple: you end up on a completely drugged beach. You discover that you are stuck on an island and that to get out of it, you will have to take down eight targets in a single day! The timeline is launched!

This is the special feature of the game: at the end of each day, you start from scratch, without any equipment and from the beginning. It is the same for each death!

Each deadly loop is in fact an opportunity to progress in this surprising island in gameplay mechanics that remind us of Dishonored.

During your adventure, you will find many items that will help you progress in your quest and allow you to develop new strategies. Compete in the crowd or favor discretion and rely on the neat level design of the game to hit your opponents.

Julianna, your rival can arrive at any time and bring you down during your quest! This allows us to approach the multiplayer part of the title of Arkane Lyon. Julianna can thus be played by another player who wants to do battle! This will disrupt your strategy of eliminating your targets.

And this is all the salt of this title which offers a unique game experience at the crossroads between investigation of targets, quasi-roguelite, FPS, infiltration, all in an atmosphere with very 70’s accents.

Comfortable in the exercise of style imposed by the time loop, the artists of Arkane sign with Deathloop a very good FPS as interesting as it is wacky. More action-oriented than Dishonored, Bethesda’s title quickly reaches a level of depth but also of rare complexity, even for a work by Arkane. The repetitive aspect necessarily linked to the theme of the game is intelligently reduced by the variety of situations, the chance of encounters (with Julianna) and the rise in power. Enjoying a concept of loop without running out of time, Deathloop encourages experiments of all kinds in a universe that contrasts drastically with what the people of Lyon have already produced. And it’s good to see that the studio doesn’t sing us the same song … over and over.


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