The Batman: A Penguin-centric Serial Spin-Off Into Warner’s Pipes

News culture The Batman: A Penguin-centric Serial Spin-Off Into Warner’s Pipes

Matt Reeves’ film is yet to be released as his vision of the Dark Knight seems to be slowly taking hold of Warner. A new spin-off creation, in serial form, would follow the Penguin into the Underworld and air on HBO Max. Colin Farrell, who plays the character in the upcoming film, has been approached to reprise the role.

We all know now, Batman will be entitled to a new film adaptation. Expected for March 2 in our cinemas, Matt Reeves’ film has so far created a certain enthusiasm among viewers after initial very positive feedback. We are talking for the moment of a film with atmosphere, very dark, flirting with horror, which should embark us in the tortured psyche of the vigilante of Gotham City. The enemies of the batman in this reboot are known and will be embodied by a 5 star cast: Catwoman, by Zoë Kravitz, The Sphinx (otherwise known as “The Riddler” in VO) by Paul Dano, John Turturro will be Carmine Falcone, and the Penguin will be played by Colin Farrell, whose metamorphosis into his character makes him perfectly unrecognizable.

It is this last supervillain that interests us particularly today. The Penguin is undoubtedly an iconic foe of Batman. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot of his name has already made several television and film appearances, including the cult interpretation of Dany DeVito in Batman: The Challenge, released in 1992 and directed by Tim Burton. This new series will therefore be an opportunity for viewers to rediscover this character. Matt Reeves is attached to the project as an executive producer with Dylan Clark, the producer of the new film, while the role of showrunner is expected to go to Lauren LeFranc., who worked on Agents of SHIELD or Impulse, among others.

In parallel with this series on the Penguin, Warner intends to capitalize on the announced success of Matt Reeves’ work and has also planned a spin-off prequel. Entitled Gotham PD, this series should have us following the investigations of Commissioner Gordon and his colleagues. There would be a parallel to be drawn between the two projects: Gotham PD would focus on the police point of view, and the Penguin series would instead focus on the underworld.. It remains to be seen when these two programs will be available on HBO Max and in France.

The movie The Batman is due out on March 2, 2022 in theaters. A new trailer is expected at the DC FanDome which premieres on October 16th.

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