Star Wars Hunters: Sith, Wookie and Mandalorian in this fiery new trailer

Game news Star Wars Hunters: Sith, Wookie and Mandalorian in this fiery new trailer

Announced a few months ago, Star Wars Hunters today gives its news with a brand new trailer: the opportunity to discover more behind the scenes.

It was last February that we learned of the existence of Star Wars Hunters, a free-to-play for Nintendo Switch and iOS / Android platforms. A mysterious project that returns today with a new trailer, allowing to obtain new information on the content of the final game.

8 fighters in the cast, and not only

This trailer in synthetic images thus offers a visual on the characters that we can embody : the young Sith warrior Rieve, the Mandalorian knight Aran Tal, the warrior Wookie, the Jawas and their hidden arsenal or the veteran rebel Zaina. We are told a total of eight different fighters, even with a droid or a junkyard.

This multiplayer game piloted by Zynga will therefore focus on in online confrontations that will take place in fictitious arenas inspired by the mythical locations of the franchise, including the planet Vespara. The setting will take place after the fall of Galactic Epirus, with all of the fighters having become Bounty Hunters and competing in two-team matches.

Note that this title will be cross-play, allowing iOS, Android and Switch players to play freely with each other. By the way, it is good to know that on this last platform, the (paid) subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will not be required to interfere in the experience. Star Wars Hunters is scheduled for 2022.

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