PSG is hurting the planet (but it is not the only one)

The Belgian press singled out Paris Saint-Germain for making the short trip to Bruges by plane. Even if this ecologically costly habit is the norm in European football.

the Paris Saint Germain is awaited firmly, this Wednesday evening in Bruges, for its entry into the running in the Champions League. The arrival of Parisian stars and in particular of Lionel Messi makes the headlines in the Belgian press, and many topics revolve around the Argentine striker.

The daily Le Soir, for its part, went into the field … of ecology. By emphasizing the fact that the PSG delegation made the short trip to Belgium by plane, while its goal was traveling empty to Ostend airport, in order to pick up the players and staff on the tarmac and take them to their hotel. “PSG supporters will judge whether PSG has marked the Jan-Breydel stadium with its sporting imprint, but what is already certain is that the club has exploded its ecological footprint during its trip”, observes the Belgian newspaper.

Le Soir is nevertheless an important reminder: the vast majority of major European teams travel by plane. the FC Bruges had also reached Paris by plane two years ago, with a flight of 20 minutes, and everything suggests that the champions of Belgium will do the same in November during the return match.

Rather, it is when the reverse occurs that it should be emphasized. In 2019, Ajax communicated on his journey by train to Lille, in partnership with Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the Dutch equivalent of the SNCF.

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