PS6: Sony already on its next console?

News hardware PS6: Sony already on its next console?

The video game industry is changing fast, very fast. In this sense, even though the PS5 was released only ten months ago, some curious people are wondering when the PS6 could land. A first piece of information is possibly given to us through a job offer …

The PS6 already in the boxes?

With all eyes on the restocking of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we’re already talking about the next generation. This may sound forward thinking to many, and yet: a job offer posted by Sony puts the chip in the ears of many Internet users, the company looking for a PhD intern for its Research & Development part at PlayStation. In the descriptive of the position, we can thus see a very precise mention:

What you will do: …

  • Contribute to the identification and development of the technological portfolio of future PlayStation platforms.

It goes without saying that the mention of “Future PlayStation platforms” obviously reminds of the PlayStation 6, or at least to a PlayStation 5 Pro, more than likely.

really amazing news?

If for many, it seems surprising to already evoke the PS6, it is necessary to know in reality that the various actors are working very quickly on their new machine in order to prepare the next cycle. Given the challenges and the enormity of production, engineering often starts very early : the development of the PS4 had thus started in 2008, while the PS3 had only started its career in 2006 (and even 2007 for us). Likewise, for the PS5, estimates point to a design start in 2015, just two after the arrival of the PS4.

If the PlayStation 6 is really about in this job offer, we can therefore bet on an exit around 2027, considering the average of a generation of consoles. At least, if we are dealing with a physical console and not a fully digital platform, which may well be the case with Microsoft when we look at its policy for Xbox.

As a reminder, no later than a few days ago, we were telling you about the PS5 Pro, at the center of rumors after a potential leak. Who knows what the future will hold!

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