PS5 storage expansion: here is the best SSD following the update

Good plan news PS5 storage expansion: here is the best SSD following the update

The PlayStation 5 can now accommodate an SSD to increase its memory. And among the plethora of SSDs on the market, we have managed to find you THE best SSD of the moment that will be perfect for your PS5!

Adding an SSD to the PS5: specific criteria

Now anyone can add an SSD to their PS5 with the latest update. It is now possible to drastically increase the storage of your console. However, it is necessary to refer to the specifications given by Sony so that this implementation can go well.

Indeed, Sony requires very precise characteristics. It is required that the SSD is designed with M.2 NVMe PCle Gen4 x4 interface, the storage is between 250GB and 4TB, its read speed is high enough, and it has a heat sink. .

And the Gigabyte SSD meets these criteria and also allows you to bring 2 TB of storage. This SSD is available at Cdiscount for around 400 €

The Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000s 2TB: the best SSD of the moment for your PS5

With the Aorus Gen4 7000s, you will be able to store and launch your games from this extension. This will save you from having to delete games from your library in order to install new ones.

Such speed is essential for the PS5, which already comes with an SSD for its original storage. Thanks to the structure of the SSD, you can enjoy a gaming experience that will be both fluid and above all, immersive.

This SSD from the Aorus range from Gigabyte is presented as the SSD of the moment which is the most able to provide you with maximum storage. Indeed, following the announcement by Sony of the possibility of increasing the storage of SSDs, the latter have undergone a more than significant increase!

But the latter has kept a reasonable price and is available around € 400. And its price is justified with the storage carried by this SSD, 2 TB, as well as its speed. Indeed we are really in front of a professional quality SSD able to deliver a reading speed of 7000 MB / s. In addition to that, this SSD has a built-in, custom-made heat sink.

In order to be able to add this SSD to your PlayStation, we invite you to follow this tutorial or the video located just under this article.

Everything you need to know about SSDs for PS5

How to increase the storage space of the PS5?

There are two ways to increase the storage of your PS5, via an external hard drive (HDD) or via an SSD to insert into your console. However, currently there is only an internal SSD that you will be able to store and run the game.

How to install an internal SSD on the PS5?

To do this, you need a size 1 Phillips screwdriver. After making sure that the console is running the beta system software, unplug it, lay it down and position it in front of you. Remove the cover, unscrew the expansion slot cover, remove the screws, plug in the SSD, screw it in, screw the cover back on and put the outer cover back on. Plug the console back in and follow the instructions in the PS5 format utility so that you can use your new SSD.

Which internal SSDs are compatible with the PS5?

Currently, due to very strict rules for integrating an SSD, only a few models may be suitable. With a heat sink, we will retain the SSD WD_Black SN850, and then, in the category without heat sink, you can count on the Sabrent 2Tb Rocket 4 Plus and the Samsug 980 Pro MZ-V8P1T0BW.

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