PS5 stocks: The sun is no longer bright for the scalpers

News business PS5 stocks: The sun is no longer bright for the scalpers

In just over two months, the PS5 will be celebrating its first anniversary. But despite the 10 million consoles sold, demand remains too strong to be satisfied. In question, the difficulties of production and the scalpers, these customers buying copies in mass to resell them very expensive.

We have already mentioned the prices at which the PS5 is sometimes sold, with prices sometimes going well beyond 1000 euros. Scalpers are very difficult to fight, as they often have bots programmed to control consoles the second they appear. However, Phonandroid reports via Forbes that resale prices start to drop. According to our colleagues, who visited StockX, PS5s are currently selling for 30% cheaper than during Cyber ​​Weekend 2020, and 10% cheaper than last June.

The model with a drive currently sells for $ 715, while the model without it can be found for $ 700. So obviously, we stay well above the real selling prices, namely 399 and 499 euros, but the decrease is notable. However, it should be borne in mind that the volume of consoles sold is not decreasing. An eBay reseller, who spoke to Phoneandroid, said the drop was also felt on the platform.

But what is this drop due to? First of all, demand has probably decreased a bit, while being accompanied by more regular stock uploads. In an attempt to stop the process, the scalpers are betting that the new model would struggle to cope with the heat, while this is not the case. The PS5 heats up a bit more, but nothing problematic for the device.

PS5 stocks: The sun is no longer bright for the scalpers
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