PS5: Days Gone developers have a “great new concept” for their next game

Game news PS5: Days Gone developers have a “great new concept” for their next game

We have known for a few months now that Bend Studio is working on a new IP: the boss of PlayStation Studios therefore allows himself to tease the project he announces as… ambitious.

Despite some success over time, Days Gone will not be entitled to a sequel in due form and the demand of the players will do nothing. It will be necessary to get used to it, especially for those who hoped to see Deacon St John again in new adventures: however, this does not sign the death sentence of Bend Studio which is already working on a new project. And this one seems to sport something innovative, one way or another.

A promising new franchise?

Not long ago, the developers effectively formalized the existence of a new franchise, which has yet to reveal anything concrete about it. On Twitter very recently, the firm has published several job offers, in order to expand its ranks and give itself the means to establish an experience that meets its ambitions. There are positions as artistic director, producer, human resources coordinator or senior game designer. There is something for many tastes and profiles.

Above all, it is Helmen Rust who has allowed himself to add his little grain of salt, always on the social network. History to encourage to apply, the boss of PlayStation Studios (and therefore at the head of Bend Studio but also of Insomniac Games, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog and so on) specified that the firm “Was currently working on a great new concept”.

Alas, nothing more to eat but this little sentence suggests that the company has racked its brains to bring one or more original mechanics that could be talked about.

the rumor of a men in black game, still relevant

If we absolutely do not know the nature of this new IP, the information necessarily echoes the noise from the hallway that we shared with you several days ago: an Australian retailer has momentarily displayed the sheet of a Men In Black game, exclusive to PS5, designed by Bend Studios. Coming out of nowhere, this listing was quickly deleted although the Internet quickly relayed the matter.

We obviously have to take the rumor with these tweezers : it wouldn’t be the first time that a store has disseminated an error to its entire audience for many reasons. On the other hand, several such leaks have also come to light in the past. In this case, we can only wait wisely for an officialization or a denial from Sony: as long as the game is good and that its concept is indeed “super”, that’s already taken.

  • Compte Twitter de Bend Studio / Hermen Hulst

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