Poison Ivy coming soon to the DCEU?

News culture Poison Ivy coming soon to the DCEU?

Time goes by, and the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) still continues to enrich its universe by dedicating its films to iconic characters such as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or Shazam. Will it soon be Poison Ivy’s turn?

This is in any case what proclaims Madison Bigos, the assistant of actress Megan Fox (Transformers, Ninja Turtles). The why and how is hidden behind a mysterious instagram post, currently deleted, presenting the face of the actress with written below:

Poison Ivy? Waiting for a call very soon.

What arouse the curiosity of the greatest number, knowing that Fox had previously expressed his wish to star in a superhero movie.

Far from being an official announcement, it still gives us an idea on who could soon play the alias of Pamela Isley. One thing is for sure, is that sooner or later she should be on Warner’s papers for the DCEU. Actress Margot Robbie, the interpreter of Harley Quinn, intends in any case to do everything for, and wishes her arrival fervently by saying, in her own words, that she does not disagree with the production company. The idea is all the more interesting, as the two characters have always had a fun and endearing relationship to observe on screen, which could easily spawn one or more films featuring their adventures.

Remember, however, that there is no guarantee that the result will be live-action. Megan Fox could simply lend her voice for a future animated film centered around the character.

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