Nintendo Switch: update 13.0 brings a much requested feature

News hardware Nintendo Switch: update 13.0 brings a much requested feature

Released in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch received today its update 13.0. Like the last two, this update is not significant but includes a feature requested by players since the release of the console.

With this update (or update) 13.0, Nintendo Switch enables pairing via Bluetooth of headphones, earphones, speakers and other devices for the audio output of the console. A highly anticipated feature since the Switch’s release in March 2017. This update prepares the next arrival of the Switch Oled, the next model of the console, which is expected on October 08.

Nevertheless, Nintendo specifies in its patch notes that Bluetooth microphones are not supported, while audio cannot be used when local wireless communication is enabled. In addition to the arrival of Bluetooth on the hybrid console, other features have been added: we note the possibility of updating the docking station, putting the Internet connection on standby or even a method for “Calibrate the levers“which has been modified:

Worm. 13.0.0 (released September 14, 2021)

Added Bluetooth audio support.

  • Headphones, earphones, speakers and other audio devices that connect via Bluetooth can now be paired with Nintendo Switch family systems for audio output.
    • Bluetooth microphones are not supported.
    • Up to two compatible wireless controllers can be connected to the system while using Bluetooth audio.
    • Bluetooth audio cannot be used when local wireless communication is active.

“‘Docking station update has been added under System in Console Settings for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch – OLED model systems, allowing software updates to Nintendo Switch docking stations with a LAN port. ” ‘

  • Docking station software updates are not available for Nintendo Switch docking stations without a LAN port.
  • This feature has not been added to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Keep internet connection in standby mode ”has been added under Standby in Console Settings.

  • When this setting is enabled, systems with wired internet connections maintain the internet connection even in standby mode. This allows software and additional content to be downloaded to the system while the system is in standby mode.
    • The setting is enabled by default.
  • When this setting is disabled, the system connects to the Internet only periodically, which reduces power consumption. Note: Systems that are not updated to version 13.0.0 or later behave as if this setting is enabled.

The method for launching “Calibrate Levers” in Console Settings has been changed.

  • In Console Settings, go to Controllers & Sensors, select Calibrate Levers, then fully tilt the lever in any direction and hold it for a few seconds to begin calibration. Users can now see if their wireless Internet connection is using the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band under “Connection Status” after selecting Internet in the Console Settings.

In addition, Nintendo recalled the method to update its console. It must be connected to the Internet, go to the settings, then system in order to update it manually if it is in a version later than 13.0. Also note: yesterday, it was PlayStation which announced the arrival of a second major update for the PlayStation 5 which is scheduled for today.

Source : Nintendo

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