MTG Arena: all codes for September 2021

News tip MTG Arena: all codes for September 2021

Every month in Magic The Gathering: Arena it is possible to get many free cards as well as bonuses using codes. Here are the MTG Arena codes active in September 2021.

MTG Arena loyalists rewarded: MTG Arena codes September 2021

The loyal MTG Arena community is rewarded each month with a plethora of free rewards to be obtained using promo codes. When it’s free, it’s even better! So no reason, to deprive yourself and not to take advantage of it in September 2021. On the menu, many free card boosters to enrich your deck as well as experience bonuses to progress faster in the game of strategic duels. Here is without further ado the complete list of MTG Arena codes valid in September 2021:

Free Boost Codes:

  • PLAYRAVNICA : 3 boosters
  • PLAYWARSPARK : 3 boosters
  • PLAYM20 : 3 boosters
  • PLAYELDRAINE : 3 boosters
  • PLAYTHEROS : 3 boosters
  • PLAYIKORIA : 3 boosters
  • PLAYM21 : 3 boosters
  • PLAYZENDIKAR : 3 boosters
  • TRYKALADESH : 1 booster
  • PLAYKALDHEIM : 3 boosters
  • PLAYSTRIXHAVEN : 3 boosters
  • PLAYDND : 3 boosters

Miscellaneous bonus codes:

  • LEVELUP: 2000 experience points
  • PARCELMYR: 2000 experience points, 2000 gold and cosmetics
  • SCALEUP: 3000 experience points

Cosmetics codes:

  • ENLIGHTENME: Card style
  • FOILFUNGUS: Card Style
  • INNERDEMON: Card style
  • OVERTHEMOON : Style de cartes
  • PARALLAXPOTION: Card style
  • SHIELDSUP: Card Style
  • SPARKLEDRUID: Card Style
  • SUPERSCRY: Card Style
  • WRITTENINSTONE : Style de cartes
  • FNMATHOME: Pack of two cosmetics
  • ROCKJOCKS: Card Style
  • DEBATEDUELISTS : Style de cartes
  • MATHWHIZZES: Card Style
  • SWAMPPUNKS: Card Style
  • ARTCLUB: Card Style

The menu for using MTG Arena promo codes is located in the Store section of the game. You can also, especially if you play on mobile, use the codes from the Wizards of the Coast website in your account menu.

MTG Arena: all codes for September 2021
MTG Arena: all codes for September 2021

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