Mbappé, a very “personal” behavior among the Blues

The family of Kylian Mbappé does not hesitate to speak a lot to journalists, off, in order to pass messages on what is happening in the France team.

It’s a funny little game in which the entourage of Kylian Mbappé, on the sidelines of the meetings of the France team. And which is told by Baptiste Desprez in his recent work entitled ” From the World Cup to the Euro, the secret story of a missed meeting. “

Thus, the family of the Paris Saint-Germain player takes good care to maneuver behind the scenes to communicate with the journalists covering the Blues. ” On several occasions during the Euro, Kylian Mbappé’s parents, and in particular his mother, Faïza, held a lounge with various journalists (…) to discuss behind the scenes of the selection, and inevitably the situation of their son, as well as his positioning among the world champions ”, writes the journalist from Le Figaro in his book.

It was in a café in Budapest, where the Blues played two Euro matches against Hungary (1-1) and Portugal (2-2), that Mbappé’s mother gathered several journalists. The goal ? ” Send a few messages about the life of the Blues, but especially on the place occupied by Kylian in the collective set up by Didier Deschamps, not necessarily in line with the expectations of the striker’s entourage. “ In other words, tell what is happening behind the scenes of the Blues … from the point of view of the Mbappé clan.

This revelation follows that of Noël Le Graët, who had confided that Mbappé had wished to see him after the Euro to complain about the lack of support he received after his missed shot on goal against Switzerland. In addition to this, there has been the quarrel between the PSG striker and Olivier Giroud, and a style of play on the pitch which did not convince during the last Euro. In many ways, Mbappé’s behavior and his family, which does not always go in the direction of the collective, has something to question …

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