Maljkovic ready to succeed Garnier?

While Valérie Garnier was not extended at the head of the French women’s basketball team, the Franco-Serbian Marina Maljkovic recalled her love for France in an interview with L’Equipe, but is not officially a candidate to nothing.

Since last September 3, Valérie Garnier is no longer officially the coach of the French women’s basketball team, which she coached for eight years with five silver medals at the Euro and one bronze at the end of the day. of the last Olympic Games. According to The team, his assistant Olivier Lafargue, the former Lyon-ASVEL and Lattes-Montpellier coach Valéry Demory and the former Bleues coach Pierre Vincent, now at ASVEL, are the three most natural candidates. But a name also comes up, that of Marina Maljkovic (39), who currently coaches a Japanese club and still does not know if she will continue on the bench for the Serbian women’s team. Bozidar Maljkovic’s daughter lived in France between 1992 and 1997 when her father coached Limoges then Paris Basket. She herself coached Lyon from 2013 and 2016, has French nationality and speaks perfect French.

Maljkovic: “It has to be healthy, good for Serbia, good for France”

Even if officially she can not say anything, the position could interest her, as she confided in an interview with L’Equipe. “I mean that Valérie Garnier did a huge job. No matter who comes next, he will have a very difficult task. I know how hard it is to work in continuity. I want to pay tribute to her for everything she has done for France. (…) I have not spoken with anyone officially. Today, I cannot answer you. On the other hand, it’s no secret, if you ask me about the emotions, it’s still Serbia and France, France and Serbia, as you wish. My life when I’m not with my club is 50% Paris, 50% Belgrade. (…) I am French. French in its own right through citizenship, belonging to the Francophonie and deep attachment to its culture. (…) ”, Explains the one which enabled Serbia to win the title of European champion in 2015 and 2021 (against France), the bronze medal at Euro 2019 and the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics, before finishing fourth in the Tokyo Olympics after a defeat in the small final against… France. “You need good timing, to do things right. It has to be healthy, good for Serbia, good for France. “No doubt she is expecting a phone call from the president of the FFBB …

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