Longoria’s little spade at PSG

Invited to the National Assembly this Wednesday as part of the information mission on TV rights in sport, Olympique de Marseille President Pablo Longoria did not make the trip to Paris for nothing.

Technically and on the substance of the subject of the day – namely TV rights in sport – Pablo Longoria had things to say this Wednesday in the National Assembly. ” TV rights in football are the most stable income for a club, it is very important to develop our economic model, and to have a strong championship., says the president of loon. If I compare compared to Spain or Italy, it is more difficult to access football in France. […] We have to make that more visible. »

« We are going through a media transformation. The world is changing, and so is the way we consume television. Sport, and football in particular, must adapt to this transformation, to the transition from traditional television to OTT, underlines the Spanish leader. We have a 90-minute show. But in a lot of matches, I consider it a professional footballer that there are three or four interesting minutes. […] As an industry, we have to ask ourselves how to develop this short duration. In the long term, the championship must be made more attractive. »

Favorable to increased economic control

For this, Pablo Longoria suggests imagining “ a personalization of the product, to find out how to reach the viewer by offering him something suitable “; the Marseille boss is also in favor of a Ligue 1 reduced to 18 clubs and an overhaul of the governance of French football. Above all, the person concerned calls for increased economic control – a paradox when we know that Olympique de Marseille had a hard time convincing the DNCG (the financial policeman of the LFP) this summer with its 11 recruits. The objective being to draw the attention of the authorities to the management and the resources deemed disproportionate Parisian competitor. « I am in favor of economic control within the National Leagues, with fixed rules for clubs, he breathes. Control of La Liga is more important than financial fair play, a priori and not a posteriori. I am more in favor of prevention than repression. »

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