Larqué spits on the Parc des Princes

The “nouveau riche” stamp that sticks to the skin of PSG carries its share of criticism. The latest, acerbic, formulated by Jean-Michel Larqué.

the PSG and its Galactics do not only have admirers. Abroad, the bitterness and jealousy inspired by the club in the capital are palpable – to such an extent that some historical players openly regret the past and alleged obstacles to financial fair play. In France itself, the criticism does not spare the Parisians, who crystallize many reproaches since a state – Qatar – provides for its needs.

On the airwaves of RMC, Jean-Michel Larqué, the former legend of the Greens, who officiated on the bench of PSG as a coach, frontal attack the lair of the Reds and Blues, the Parc des Princes, which according to him has become a temple of the have-you-seen. ” I attended only one match in Paris, it was a PSG-Montpellier. I was there with my grandson. This experience was enough for me. I swore to myself never to come back to the Parc des Princes again. It’s unbearable, it’s bling-bling as much as possible. »

“That the PSG is not liked, it is normal”

And to develop his argument in front of the former Parisian Jérôme Rothen: ” There are rich people who behave modestly, and there are new rich people who splash out of their arrogance. It’s a fashion show, disrespectful people who don’t give a damn about the match, who are on their cellphones throughout the meeting… That PSG is not liked, it’s normal. Already because today’s society means that people only support one club. Each defends his belfry. But I have a question. Is it Manchester City, which is in much the same case as PSG, also hated? I have the impression not. City arouses a little less resentment and jealousy than PSG … »

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