Hamilton accused of faking injury

Helmut Marko, the boss of Red Bull, believes that Lewis Hamilton added some after his accident at the Italian GP, ​​in order to promote a sanction for Max Verstappen.

The war of words continues around the duel for the world title in F1, between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. After the clash between the two men during the Italian GP, it was Helmut Marko, the big boss of Red Bull, who attacked the Mercedes driver. Guilty, according to him, of a simulation.

“It was a normal racing accident, Marko reacted in an Austrian newspaper. All the stories that followed have been pulled by the hair by Mercedes. Verstappen was already out when Hamilton tried to come back out of the gravel. The medical car saw this and continued on. And then there’s this staging to show that poor Hamilton is suddenly hurt. “

Marko accuses Hamilton and Mercedes of having added something about the driver’s injury, to influence the decision of the race marshals, which ended up sanctioning Verstappen (three penalty places on the grid during the next GP).

After the race, in Monza, after this accident where he believes the halo saved his life, Hamilton had made his press conference via Zoom without video. He had spoken in a weak voice, saying that he had never had a head injury before in his career, and had had to take anti-inflammatory drugs to cure his headache. In slow motion, the images of the contact between the wheel of the Red Bull and the helmet of the Briton are impressive. But Hamilton’s detractors will remember that, the day after the accident, he was in New York for a social gala …

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