Griezmann can fear the worst for his betrayal

The reunion of Antoine Griezmann with the supporters of Atletico Madrid promises to be trying for the tricolor world champion.

Antoine Griezmann with pressure. Very discreet, Sunday, for his first outing with the Colchoneros since the announcement of his great return to theAtletico Madrid, the Mâconnais will be even more expected, Wednesday, for his reunion with the public of the Wanda Metropolitano. Present at a press conference on Tuesday, on the eve of the entry into the running of the Spanish champions in the Champions League, Diego Simeone also set the tone. ” What we want from Griezmann is that he is the footballer he always has been, with quality, with goals… He will have to be ready according to what the team needs, whether it be for 30 or for 90 minutes “, Thus entrusted the Argentinian technician.

And the pressure will be all the stronger as the Madrid public should not spare the former Barcelona. “Part of the public will whistle and insult him, that’s for sure,” warned Eduardo Fernandez, president of the International Union of Atlético de Madrid peñas, in The team. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball. A minority will still applaud him. “ Colchoneros supporters remain in effect ” murdered “ by the departure of their former icon for Barça, two years ago. A transfer which generated all the more “disenchantment” as the Frenchman had been discussing for several months with the Blaugrana.

“We have the feeling of having been led away and deceived. Like during an infidelity. We were still together and he went to look elsewhere behind our back. We experienced it as a betrayal. What we blame him for is having played with our feelings. Despite everything he could say, he was not so true to our colors », continued Eduardo Fernandez, adding further: “Before, he was our idol. Now he’s just a player like any other. It doesn’t represent much anymore. ”

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