Gaming PC: Dual screen support at -25%

Good plan news Gaming PC: Dual screen support at -25%

Amazon is currently offering a discount on this dual screen mount for large monitors for PCs. With a reduction of -25%, the price has now fallen below € 65!

With the screens getting bigger and bigger, it is sometimes necessary to ask the question of storage and how to save space. Especially if you have two screens of 27 inches each. With this dual monitor stand, you will be able to arrange your desk and save considerable space. In addition, it is available for less than 65 €.

With the latest innovations, the new standard means that we have bigger and bigger screens. And what’s more, if you’ve gotten into the habit of using two screens at the same time, your office is now mostly occupied by them.

If you want to reclaim the space taken up by your screens, this dual screen support from Huanuo can do the trick. Indeed, with the latter, you will be able to do without the feet of your various screens. This will allow you to save a lot of space and be able to rearrange your workspace.

On top of that, since these screens are attached to arms with quite a few joints, you can adjust them as you see fit. Thus, you can adopt the best possible posture and thus protect your back.

This support can carry two screens weighing up to 35 inches and 12 kg each. And with their different orientations, you can also work with screens in landscape or portrait mode.

The features of Huanuo dual screen mount

This dual screen mount is able to support two PC screens. Each arm is independent and can support a screen measuring up to 35 inches diagonally and 12 kg.

Important to know: Each display uses VESA mounts. And this dual screen mount is compatible with fixings VESA en 75mm x 75mm et 100mm x 100mm. First, check that your screen is able to support this type of support and if the sizes match.

Gaming PC: Dual screen support at -25%

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