DualSense PS5 controller down 19%

Good plan news DualSense PS5 controller down 19%

If you want to acquire a new PS5 controller, the black and white models are available at a reduced price.

The white and black versions are affected by this nice reduction. The PlayStation 5 pads are quite expensive and therefore require you to pay more than 70 €! A reduction of almost 20% allows you to get one without breaking the bank.

The DualSense controller is one of the great novelties of this new PlayStation. This accessory has been particularly developed by Sony to offer many innovations capable of propelling gamers to a whole new experience. This time, the Next Gen at Sony is not content to take our jaw off the level of graphics, but also to make us feel the roughness of the titles offered. Immersion is accentuated like never before thanks in particular to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that allow you to transcribe what is happening on the screen. Raindrops, the friction of the wheels against the asphalt or even sword fights are transmitted directly to you by the controller! A real work of expertise has been brought to maximize the experience via technologies patented by the brand.


The mechanics used inside this accessory are based on haptic vibrations and adaptive triggers. The vibrations of the DualSense perfectly reproduce the sensations of touch via its extremely precise vibration motors. The body is thus stimulated by reliefs or sensations of pressure which reproduce as faithfully as possible the action in play. Particularly used in the mobile sector, Nintendo was the first manufacturer to integrate it into its Joy-Con in 2017 DualSense goes further and increases the power of haptics tenfold by placing it at the heart of the experience.

Equally exotic, the adaptive triggers follow the action of the game, react and adapt to increase the immersion. In fact, in an FPS, when the weapon runs out of ammunition, the triggers are blocked! The effect is guaranteed and we can’t wait to see how the developers incorporate this technology into titles like Battlefield 2042 or Dead Space!

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